23 September 2007

Sectarian Cat Is Sectarian

The most parasitic “Satanic” newsletters invariably contain a liberal dose of LaVey-baiting. Their editors’ masochistic requirements are exercised as “lively exchange.” Their mainstay is often the reprinting of any letter, pro or con, from anyone capable of grasping a writing implement or poking at a computer or typewriter key. When responding to such transparent tactics, it’s our policy to preface rebuttals with two acknowledgments:

A) “I know you’re a masochist and delight in hostile banter,” and

B) “Anything I write or say to you will keep you going for another six months.” The Satanic Bible advises to “question all things”—but it helps to be able to think, first.

The Church of Satan tells dimwits where to get off. The funny thing is that - substituting a few words - Marxist sectarians often act in precisely the way described above. (*cough*) Note also that Uncle Karl said "Question Everything" long before Uncle Anton the Lion-Tamer did.