07 January 2011

A CM economic aphorism

The correct market value of something which doesn't actually exist is zero.

Note also this very convincing materialist explanation of why "decentralisation" and "networking" have become unchallengable dogma, even among the oppressed. Truly the 90's were the high point of pure solipsism among the Western intellectual classes (only in such an era could The Matrix have been such a huge hit). But philosophers have only interpreted the world, the point is to change it, and one could equally argue that it's been the failure of dialectical materialists to take culture and psychology seriously which has led to their current marginalisation, at times when the world is calling out for revolutionary ideas and leadership.

04 January 2011

Fnord 23, Pen 15

The latest XKCD clearly understands the appeal of cults and the paranoid lifestyle, as exhaustively discussed here.

02 January 2011

A cheery thought for the new year

There are other "states of awareness" than the one you are currently in. To swipe from the terminology of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there are heaven dimensions and hell dimensions - not separate "realities", but ways of experiencing That Which Is Really Here Right Now. You can call them "higher" and "lower" energy worlds if you like, and that's quite close to the concept of valence electrons, in the sense that you can "jump" from one to another, given an expenditure of energy.

The fundamental difference can be summed up thus: in "heaven", the impossible becomes possible, and "hell" the possible becomes impossible. Thus, "heaven" is of course a higher energy state than what you're used to, and "hell" is a lower energy state. Given this, it should not surprise you that - although you can suddenly end up in heaven or hell for no good reason - it takes effort to remain in heaven, and it takes effort to get out of hell.