26 December 2006

She is a new fascination, the cold face of love

"Now, what I've yet to puzzle out, myself, is if there is any connection at all between ethics and reality...” - Agent 139. Trotsky had an answer to that one, guys.

Yes, I got Join my cult! for Christmas. I believe that this book is after me. The number of synchronicities in the first five chapters alone just about blew my brains out (after the reference to ELP I was looking over my shoulder wondering whether someone had "customised" my copy). It certainly solidified a lot of the ideas that I've been having previously, but have been too busy writing-for-publication to put in this blog.

I sometimes feel, however, like Robert Putney Drake in Illuminatus! - wondering when the All-Seeing Eye will look in my direction. Maybe I have to lob a grenade into a fast-food outlet or something. (Note to the secret services: no, I have no actual intention of doing this.)

In any case, a little teaser for you: where I'm coming from, magic has to be concrete to work. Truth is always concrete. Ideas and memes are only useful at all when they lead to action which changes the concrete. Gematria doesn't work for me, since letters are not concrete. Sound is concrete. As I am a musician, this is very convenient. As mentioned below, I'm trying to rewrite Crowley's Augeoides ritual accordingly.

10 December 2006

The mental health industry: a Marxist critique

I know that this is generally more my co-blogger's speed, but this article takes a good, critical Marxist look at Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - a practice which I consider just another kind of "corporate magic", a metaprogramming technique designed by our masters which makes us functional but doesn't make us well.

07 December 2006

A teaser

What I really want to do is create a network of cultural activists. Not cultural analysts, but people who apply theory to practice and make things happen in the memetic sphere. This would have websites, publications, and structures for debate and co-ordinating action.

The Situationist International with better politics and less expulsion-happy, perhaps.

I will write much more on this when I get back from this conference.