15 September 2007

Cultural revolutionaries - then and now

"History will absolve me" - Fidel Castro

"History will prove us right" - Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Seriously. Both of the above screwed up in spectacular fashion, but at least proved what is possible. Read Tony James' own account of what SSS was all about, and gasp at the amateurish but quite impressive grasp of memetic engineering. (DISCLAIMER: Chaos Marxism does not endorse wearing fishnets over your face.)

Incidentally - everyone out there interested in revolutionary politics, magick or the future of humanity in any way must immediately purchase and read This Town Will Never Let Us Go. It has precisely the same top-of-the-head-unscrewing effect that James Curcio's Join My Cult!, and yet Mad Larry has never used any drug more intense than alcohol.

Here's a more recent attempt at cultural revolution - the Weightless Music manifesto.