15 September 2007

Hello, new friend

A sympathetic but not uncritical review of what we do here. Thanks for your feedback - it makes it more likely that I'll update more frequently.

I should point out that I went precisely the opposite way from the cliché - I was an anarchist ten years ago, but got fed up with the lifestyle "politics", the tyranny of structurelessness and the endless posing, so went towards Leninism. You see, love him or hate him, you must admit that Lenin caused a ruckus on a worldwide level. The day an anarchist political figure manages that, call me back.

I still maintain that Lenin - like Crowley - gets a bad rap because (a) the majority of his "followers" were and still are idiots, and even contain a minority of sociopathic assholes; (b) because he was more interested in getting results than getting warm fuzzies. I am tempted to say that if you're in the business of revolution, if you're not hated by a large group of people when you die, you didn't do it right.

Also - I'm still sad about the SubGenius response to my comments. The responses were pretty unanimously the standard liberal auto-smears of Marxism, which didn't explain why, if it was "a doctrine for bees, not primates" (Stang), they had written something that looked extremely like it in their holy book.