28 December 2010

The power of love is a curious thing

I have experience of fantasy & its power, on the inside & outside. A very small part of it is real, which gives the rest of the illusion/delusion its strength. The Orthodox might call this a strategy of The Great Deceiver, The Tempter, the Prince of Lies, and see fantasy being used as a device to hold us to this earth, and prevent us realising our destiny.
- Robert Fripp (source), emphasis added

Further to the discussion below: the religious might say that there ain't nothing that's completely foul and worthless through and through, because it wouldn't exist. All evil has a kernel of good, that's what gives it its power. And all cults have some real truth and goodness amidst all the bullshit and lies, else no-one would get involved in the first place. Fatso Hubbard was absolutely right that most people hold themselves down with subconscious commands, and Neo is absolutely right that most people live in a prison of their own imagination. But - physician, heal thyself. "Thou art that." The critic gives themselves away in their criticism - which might give you some insight into this Doloras, if you'll note that what she hates more than anything else is hypocrisy, people who say one thing and do another.


  1. I have been practicing "Chaos Marxism" as you call it, since at least 2001, in secret ;) I thought I was the only one... (I have had many sucesses and deemed my ideas too powerful to share willy nilly)... will you marry me lol

  2. There's an old advertisement for the communist rock band Henry Cow, in which a couple have finished having sex, and the man says "Now will you join Henry Cow?" and the woman says "Not without a fundamentally more accurate definition of individualism". And the latter would be my answer to your proposal.

    I crave to hear about your successes and powerful ideas, though.

  3. Not so fast... I have worked with memes for many years... but just how I am not really ready to say... however, the two most powerful collection of memes that I have yet to transmute remain to my mind the biggest blockages to revolution in the imperialist countries... they are those that surround "race" and sex... they are also those that I am most fearful of addressing... however the new year has inspired me to finally write more openly... http://tuskoui.xanga.com/
    I notice that you wrote "know thyself" in Greek... are you Greek?