13 December 2009

Follow me follow, down to the hollow

In an effort to get more of a community feel to this place, I've added the Followers widget. I've complained before about how most of the time I feel like I'm yelling into an empty void - or perhaps a darkened theatre where I can't see whether there's anyone there or not. Occasionally someone yells back, sometimes even encouragingly, and those are good movements. But what I really want is people to come up on the stage with me.

Oh, and for your daily dose of mysticism:

"Mistress, what is enlightenment?"
"Did you ride your bicycle here?"
"Then you should go adjust the brakes and gears."


  1. Hello? Islamic Mysticism Research Essay 1? Where did you go? :)

  2. ...still here

    Strange that it would automatically give me the name of an essay I'm working on. Google works in mysterious ways.