07 October 2008

The connections are solidifying

From Skilluminati, via our new buddies at the PFLD:

The vast majority of voters in the United States are dangerously ignorant and easily manipulated.

Here’s the moral quandary: is it ethical to use deception in order to control these people? If you don’t do it, guess who will? Karl Rove. Rick “not about the issues” Davis. The same paid operatives who have been running the real power structure of the United States since John Rockefeller and Edward Bernays were alive.

Here’s the logistical problem: how can you and I compete against multi-million dollar budgets? The business of spectacles, like any other, is a business that runs on money. Those who have money shape the spectacle, and the rest of us are consigned to…well, meaningless critiques on obscure websites.


The dinosaurs of governments and corporations and media conglomerates and think tanks and universities — the old legitimate White Control System — will not let go quietly and politely. So I think every future mutunt has a common-sense obligation to learn how to disable and disarm them as effectively as possible.

Chaos Marxism humbly suggests that the question is not how to "control" the masses - if you think like that then you by Goddess are just another liberal elitist fapping off in a treehouse club. The question is how to give leadership to the masses - which means actually uniting with them, overcoming the personality tics which you evolved as a sign of your middle-class cultural-technician privileges and which render you incapable of actual two-way communication with ordinary people.

We humbly suggest our own program of "invoking a revolutionary Godform to embody the current of mass anger" as a framework for this - because mark my words, o ye American liberals and internet nerds, the masses really are pissed off and ready to kick ass, but anger can go in a reactionary as easily as a revolutionary direction, and this anger at the grassroots will be tapped and channelled by the Karl Roves and Sarah Palins of this world for pure grade-A evil, if you don't get in there and invoke a better Godform. (For those confused by the jargon: "current" refers to the content (momentum) of a mass movement, "Godform" refers to its form or its program (direction).)

As to the question of "how we compete with the big battalions"... well, our noble spirit-brothers in Iraq and Vietnam have showed us that the dialectic works, that guerilla warfare becomes more effective as one's enemies become more capital intensive. Basically put, blowing up a helicopter today costs your enemy a godzillion times more than killing 100 soldiers would have in WW2. Plus, it looks far worse on TV. How this relates to political conflict is left as an exercise to the reader, but the bigger they come, the harder they fall, and if you don't have the strength you're going to have to have the creativity and brains. You have YouTube and cheap publishing software, and a computer with broadband access, and the ability to go places and talk to people. Use them.

The 5th Generational / "Invisible" Warfare of which Skilluminati speaks makes it sounds like they are working along similar lines to us on the subject of how to "evoke" radical Godforms in the real world. Will post more once I've done my research.

(The rest of the linked post is chock-full of goodness, too.)

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  1. The 5GW stuff is fascinating, I must agree. Thirtyseven of Skilluminati seems to have abandoned it, but I'm still picking at the ideas presented, and I can see how in some areas it would match up with the ideas presented here. Especially in terms of using memetics and emergence as part of an overall strategy. But I'm still working on it, so this may be a superficial representation.

    As for deception/manipulation vs other options, as raised at the start of the post, I tend to think that generally speaking mass distribution of workable techniques is the best way to go. "Learn to pull the wool over your own eyes", as the Subgenii might say. If people know how to work a manipulation, they will hopefully be far more aware of when one is being played on them. I think Thirtyseven may have mentioned this before as well, when talking about Authority Kits.