21 September 2008

X Y is X

Longcat may well be long, and Happy Snake is certainly happy, but individual consciousness is not individual. You only have to look at the evidence compiled in Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger v.1 to understand what I'm talking about here - the same patterns, the same mythic resonances, the same stories crop up over and over again in time and space, among varied individuals who have no prior communication with one another. Now, I'm going to use Occam's razor and eliminate the various explanations (fun as they are) which involve postulating men from Mars or Sirius, parallel universes, etc. What we're left with is:

a) a Jungian universe of archetypes and synchronicity;
b) a Ma'atian universe of backwards time travel from the future;
c) the concept that human consciousness and culture obeys certain laws with a degree of predictability, by its very nature, and that individuals will respond with certain degrees of predictability to changes in their physical or symbolic environment.

Now, certain vulgar "illuminates" will tell that that that's as may be for the common herd (i.e. the people who empty their garbage, not the people who write the books they like to read), but the true homo superior are those who have evolved past such conditioned responses. If you believe that, just say the word "Marxism" to 99% of the Cosmik Consciousness Warriors based in the USA and listen to the drearily predictable responses you'll get.

My basic explanation of this, as I said a few posts down, is that to survive as a "stand-up guru" full-time you have to enter a Small Businessman's Reality Tunnel, from which of course Marxist ideas look like inhuman blasphemy, just as bad as fascist genocidal fantasies (and some of those people even make excuse for fascism, but that's another story). Of course, Crowley started as an aristocrat and thus had money to burn without having to play the market, so he's an exception here. But all these latter day prophets who make their living off book sales and appearance fees... well, good on them. Their True Will was obviously to become a successful small businessman. That's what "freedom" meant. And they succeeded. And that's about all you can say, in most cases.

But a basic Marxian insight - which I feel is backed up by available data - is that the small businessman is an endangered species tending towards extinction. The big corporates are getting bigger, as are the dispossessed proletarian and sub-proletarian masses, and they're at continual low-intensity (at least) war. To quote one of my favourite wordsmiths, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." You can't opt out of this battle unless you really do have a space city, and the reason that the Wilson/Leary fantasies about SMI(2)LE never happened is that (as Ken MacLeod put it) there's no profit in space. The only reason America went to the moon was as a fuck you to the Russians. To have the kind of money that you'd need to put into Space Migration etc., you'd have to be in the kind of reality tunnel where such fantasies would seem pointless and laughable. To quote J. P. Gross: "Call you? What for? There's no money in hog calling."

Anyway, back to the point: Corporate Memetics have worked out the basic rules of "predictable human behaviour" and use them daily to keep the poor shuffling proles working like dogs 8 hours or more a day and consuming like Hungry Hungry Hippos for the remainder of their waking hours. You will never illuminate humanity as a whole until you shut down the dark satanic mills which befoul the infosphere, and that will only happen when the masses start taking up practical activities which act as a countervirus to corporate ideology, at the same time the people who power the mills of cultural pollution go on strike. Seeking individual illumination in 21st century capitalism is like trying to live a healthy lifestyle living on a toxic waste dump which is sinking into the ground. Your only possible usefulness is as being the yeast that makes the bread rise, and please note that the yeast gets no special privileges or leadership roles for this.

The goal of Chaos Marxism is to use the insights into mass hypnosis and cultural theory which have been brought to a high level of pragmatic perfection by the management and marketing gurus, and turn them around to create techniques which can be used for mass-market from-below political activism, cultural illumination, and just plain lulz. Our theory is that Crowley/Wilson modern occultism contains some hints towards how this might be done, but it needs to be generalised from the individual to the social. Our aim is social revolution in the real sense, in the sense of the world turned upside down, of the corporate Kings kneeling as their kingdoms rise, like the French, American and Russian revolutions before the elitists, reactionaries and bureaucrats took control of the new states. The "second French revolutionaries" of 1968 said "Humanity will be free only when the last capitalist is hanged with the guts of the last bureaucrat". I would replace "bureaucrat" with "management/marketing executive", but same thing, really.