14 September 2008

Individualism - it stinks

Overwhelmingly, the people you've heard of writing in the field of metaprogramming, consciousness change, etc, are successful small businessmen* - that is, they've managed to "sell" their books to a publisher, or perhaps started their own publishing house, and are able to live well enough off the proceeds not to work a horrible day job.

What are the social characteristics of a successful small businessman? They are determined, comrades and friends, by what they need to do to survive - sell their goods successfully in a monopolistically competitive market. Generally, this means they end up with a severe animus towards (in no particular order) thieving taxing governments; monopolistic big corporations; lazy, greedy workers and their unions; and other competing small businessmen.

Just look at the works of Frank Zappa and R. A. Wilson to see where this leads you. We are talking about a couple of towering geniuses here. Towering geniuses who tended to have an animus against anyone who wasn't like them, to the point where FZ pretty much had no friends outside his family, and Pope Bob wanted to go live in a space station populated only by other people who liked to listen to Beethoven while stoned out their gourds. And that was just because of how they had to live to survive in order to do their art the way they wanted - the compromise with the market economy.

It's funny that the people who will advise you that all human reality is a chemically-induced illusion tend to take the question of $$$ extremely seriously... as if it were real. Well, they've got no choice - that, or starve. But in what way are they "freer" than if they were doing the same job for wage labour?

In fact, a Marxist would say that the wage labourer is only more obviously a slave to the boss - the small businessman is a slave to the almighty dollar and "market forces". Pope Bob used to say that he didn't believe in anything that didn't have a fore name, a hind name and an address (he stole that one from the fascist poet Ezra Pound, fact fans), but doesn't that contradict the essential insight that individual personalities themselves are socially determined by their need to survive in primate troops with their quaint social customs, in particular in the modern era "money"?

A Marxist would argue that, as a wage labourer, you have an interest in getting together with other wage labourers to improve your condition. For small businessmen, collective action is ridiculous and counterproductive. Which is why the occultism of small businessmen lends itself to individualism, solipsism, fragmentation and powerless, with all the significance in the Real World of Horrible Jobs as a good hand-job. That's the "freedom" of the small businessman - freedom to be an isolated individual, playing your own preferred game in the little enclosure that you can buy with all that glorious money. Congratulations, you managed to paint the walls of your prison cell in psychedelic colours.

All that experimenting with different reality tunnels should surely have taught you all by now that the "individual" (as a consciousness, rather than a physical body) is a socially-induced illusion, or more precisely, that individuality only makes any sense within a collective context. Pick the world you want to create - a world of isolation and solipsism, or a world of shared, collectively-created reality? Chaos Marxism opts for the latter.

* The masculine pronoun is used for poetic effect. Women are just as bad.


  1. Therein lies the problem. There are people who would opt for the former. Which causes the conflict.

  2. Dunno about "conflict" - people who opt for solipsism, isolation and making a living as a stand-up guru generally take themselves out of the really big battle for the future of Spaceship Earth. The people we need to worry about are the big battalions of Corporate Magick, who not only believe in a shared reality (which they personally rule), but they have the money, brute force and cultural power to enforce this belief on virtually everyone. To defeat this enemy, we must become symmetrical to it.