28 February 2008

An aphorism on cults

Cult methods of organisation are nothing more than boiled-down and spiced-up versions of accepted behaviour-control and thought-reform methods used commonly against children and "deviants" in late capitalist society. Nothing that Scientology or the Moonies or the Sparts do is really dissimilar in kind from what ordinary mums and dads, schoolteachers, psychiatric nurses and prison guards are encouraged to do every day - only in degree, and in target.



  1. It's not simply boiled-down and spiced up. Scientology is very precise and effective in its application of brain-washing techniques.

    I think if Dianetics ever became as accepted as some of the current and conventional means of brain-washing/coercion, it would be the same as going from a push-mower, to a motorized lawn-mower.

  2. Still haven't been able to completely read the Road to Jimstown article, though it looks juicy.

    What is the quote from this post from?

  3. The quote is totally my own work - not "From" anything else.

    I'm not actually 100% convinced that anything happens in Dianetics/Scientology that doesn't already happen in some way in hypnotism, religious cults, abusive families or any gulag you care to name, but I'm willing to be convinced.