17 April 2018

Why do we do this, anyway?

Thank you, Rorschach.

It's no fun being one of the souls that tread the knife's edge, living in liminal space, never having a home to go to. Even the cliques of Weirdo Kids treat you like crap if you challenge the groupthink and the shibboleths.

A commitment to The Truth, to al-Haqq, to the Bodhisattva Vow means giving up on everything that either The Culture and The Counterculture offer you - no security, no permanent paid gig, no subcultural social capital, no fan club, no grovelling disciples punching out your enemies.

It also means living "without lust of result", as Uncle Aleister put it. You might never see Full Communism in your lifetime. You might live to see the end of bourgeois liberal democracy. Or even the end of human civilisation. You might see your kids or grandkids hunting cancerous rats for food in a "Syria gone global + Mad Max scenario". (Always remember that what happens in "those other countries where brown people live" is a testing ground for what they will do to YOU and your friends and family if you ever become a threat. There are not two places with a bridge between - there is only one place.)

Funnily enough, if what we're doing does become useful to "the normies", it will be because The Shit Has Hit The Fan and normal human reality has collapsed. We will have lessons to teach in that case. The good scenario is that we will die in anonymity, our struggle unappreciated by wider humanity.

The question as always is, short of The Revolution/The Apocalypse, how to live in The Real World of Ordinary Jobs - as well as we can - while not being of it. To combine having a family, a life, a career, all those normal human things with a commitment to a path of what Alice A. Bailey called Love In Action. If we don't feed our ego as well as but separately from doing The Great Work, then The Great Work will be sucked up into our ego and we'll become just another subcultural capitalist. You can't save humanity while investing your psychic energy in a little club of oddballs which thinks it's better than the rest of humanity.

You must learn to love your brothers and sisters who don't know The Law, while never ceasing to follow The Law yourself. Love is the Law.