23 July 2012

Habit kills.

Habit kills the Holy Spirit, the revolutionary élan. Habit makes life easier at the expense of making creativity impossible - of becoming a slave to cause and effect. The mere fact that Leninist sects put "establishing a routine" (of paper sales, branch discussions, etc.) at the top of their priorities shows that they'll never be any use in an actual revolution. And then you get "reformist leaders" who tell everyone else to change their habits, while their own go unexamined.

Every form of psychology, revolutionary politics, true poetry or magic is about editing and deleting Habit. And that's probably all that Chaos Marxism has ever had to say.

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  1. I read you, but how's this: I like routine. During the summer holidays when I'm totally in childcare and inventing things to do every day, I get quite depressed. Then school starts and I have a few hours (10am to 3pm) to pursue my interests - mainly preparing a radio show in between housework and shopping. You talk about the necessity of creativity and you are right to distinguish this from mere getting-ahead in the money-fame game. In Aristotle there were THREE forms of knowledge - theoria, praxis and POIESIS (poetry, creativity). It's when this latter is left out everything turns sick. But routine CAN allow a certain amount of poiesis: we're battered by our need to provide exchange value and profits for capital, but there is STILL a use value - i.e. us!!