19 December 2011

Great King Rat died today

... because you can't go wrong with a bit of Queen. I have a large stash of DPRK propaganda in hard-copy, sent to me in the mail by an acquaintance ages ago to attempt to troll me as a self-described socialist. It's good reading material for the lavatory.

But to more serious business: this on the DPRK as a theocracy is very interesting, although I dispute his belief that a "religion" necessary has to posit a supernatural realm - it only has to posit anti-materialist explanations for natural phenomena, and "Marxism-Leninism" can certainly do that if it starts believing in things like "there is no truth outside the Party" or "a strong will can conquer anything". (In contrast, Deism for example can believe in a God without believing that the scientific laws of nature are ever violated.)

And to less serious business: I think this illustrates what I said before about how totalitarian "compulsory fun" has its own analogies in the compulsory fun of administered monopoly capitalism. (How many of you proles out there were made to wear Santa hats by your bosses this week?) And dear Allpowerful Atheismo, I hope this hilarious blog is soon updated.


  1. There's an emptiness inside of me I prayed I would never experience again. Not after MJ died.

  2. Tha J-Unit be back yo. My uncle got me inspecting pig farms mostly these days so I aint got tha time for the internetz that I be having when I spent most of the day eating pringles in my room.

  3. Good to hear, 4 Star G. One of the best things a new absolute monarch can do is keep in touch with his adoring fans (by whom I don't mean Alejandro de Cao de Benez or whatever his name is).