27 October 2011

All saints revile her, and all sober men

Currently rereading one of my favourite books in the world when I was 16 years old, Robert Graves' The White Goddess. The historical argument is of course completely risible, and as for the poetic logic, the guy is basing his argument on close analysis of Old Irish and Welsh texts, two languages which he admits up front he doesn't speak a word of and is relying on dodgy-tastic translations. Still, his essential argument that "poetry" (and all other forms of true art) is the same thing as religio-mystical devotion is still one of the axioms of Chaos Marxism. We just attempt to bring revolutionary socialism and psychology into the mix.


  1. first time commenter, long time reader - just wanted to say keep up the great work!

  2. For your support, much thanks. Generally the slow rate of posting and lack of my usual "firehose of non-sequiturs" style (thanks Jordan for that one) is due to the fact that I'm happy and getting a lot of work down. Which cuts down on the impulse to be productive. So maybe I should declare this "open thread" and my readers can have a go...