25 April 2011

Out of traction, back in action

I returned to active political service over the weekend. Soon you will get to see the kind of wild-assed, cultural-political ranting you've come to love on this blog on a real live website of a political tendency. Here's a meme for you to chew on: terminal 5.

As to the Greater Jihad, I'm currently up to vol 3 of The Invisibles, and damned if it's not totally synchronistically relevant to my life. I feel like I'm going toe-to-toe with The King Of All Tears at the moment. I'm in a major life transition which, if it succeeds, will pretty much mean my death and rebirth as the human being that I was supposed to be before the personality implants kicked in in my childhood. (And if it fails, I'll end up living in a gutter and standing on a street corner with a sign saying WILL DROP PANTS FOR FOOD.)

In any case, I will not be who I am for much longer. Will keep you posted.


  1. That would be the Big Society in action; civic-minded young entrepreneurs dropping their pants for food without needing the oversight of the liberal totalitarian state.

  2. The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be.