07 August 2010

Why we are here...

... because mass media, and all the other ideological apparatuses of capitalist hegemony, deliberately induce bad mental health in the entire population - narcissism, anxiety disorders, Freudian projection and paranoia are the preferred implants of the day - to keep workers working, consumers spending, and the inevitable explosions of hatred and violence confined to what used to be called "the dark parts of town". The real problem is that revolutionary socialism doesn't have an answer to this - apparently your mental health problems are cured "in the struggle", but that is surely disproved by the incredible narcissistic feuding and tribalistic dominance rituals which cripple the actually existing radical left. Nondualist spirituality and Jungian psychology have answers, which work... for individuals who can be disciplined for long periods of time. The thing is that this planet doesn't really have that long.


  1. Even with the current level of damage I really don't think the planet is going to cease to be capable of supporting human life within the next few decades. The important problem is how to integrate revolution and psychological change in a way that will allow us to function as healthy human beings as well as become healthy human beings.

  2. Don't misunderstand me - I'm sure that humanity will continue to survive. What is exercising my worry at the moment is whether advanced technological civilisation will survive. I don't particularly want my... well, I'm not going to breed, so grandnieces and grandnephews growing up as slumdwellers, serfs or the extras in a Mad Max movie.

    Is there a difference between "functioning as a healthy human being" and "becoming" one?

  3. I don´t think humanity survival is ensured at all.