18 June 2010

Chaos Marxism's satanic verses

Banned aphorisms, not for internal consumption. Written by my evil twin in the dead of night.

Virtually everyone in the world is either a deluded zombie working under remote control; or a sociopathic sadist glorying in the debasement and humiliation of others. A monster, or a willing or unwilling collaborator with monsters.

Small achievements count for nothing.

Success on the terms of this world is simultaneously an imperative; AND requires unacceptable compromises with the forces of evil.

Happiness = selling out, unacceptable compromises. If happiness is possible in this world, this means that this world is acceptable, which it clearly is not. Choosing to be happy means choosing to give up the fight and thus becoming a collaborator with those forces of evil.


  1. Success on the terms of this world is not an imperative. It's selling out, pure and simple.

    If you accept the terms of this world, than this world owns you. Thinking "ah, but this is only a means to an end" is a Machiavellian trap from which there is no exit. It's why the System is so good at co-opting any form of resistance --- because unwittingly many forms of resistance accept the premises of the System. That is precisely their undoing. This is why the 60s ultimately went nowhere. The same is true of the environmental movement. They accepted the premises of the Adversary and were swallowed whole.

    Happiness is not selling out. The mystic/spiritual path has its ups and downs, but ultimately if "happiness" can be found anywhere it is through the path, not through what the culture is trying to sell you. There is nothing more subversive than realizing genuine, real happiness unmediated by corporate culture. As I see it promoting such subversive joy is one of the tasks of a revolutionary.

    Why shouldn't we be joyful warriors? Not to overuse a certain quotation, but if I can't dance in this revolution, than I don't see the point. The whole cumulative effect of the System is to drain the happiness out of life, and we are dour revolutionaries wallowing in our own dourness than we've also allowed the System to win.

  2. You're absolutely right. Do you know the background of the phrase "Satanic Verses"? It should enlighten as to what I was trying to do with that post.