12 September 2009

Oh noes!

Some meddling libertarian kids have uncovered this blog's secret control of planet Earth!

I think the form of the dialectic that we are overwhelmed with today is probably more accurately "dialectic materialism." It is a tool to "manipulate us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action to advance humanity into an international dictatorship of the proletariat." It is often referred to as "chaos Marxism" because chaos must be created in order to inject the conclusion/goal.

Seriously, though - my habitual googlestalking of myself seems to have shown that the meme is actually spreading, in that people who don't get what we're on about at all are talking about us. That's kind of cool.

1 comment:

  1. Actually, this sounds kinda reminiscent of arch-sociopath and Christian Reconstructionist Gary North. I recently downloaded a book of his called "Marx's Religion of Revolution: Regeneration Through Chaos" (for the humour potential, naturally).

    From reading another of his books on the occult, I know he has kind of a stick up his arse about chaos and Communism and the threat both pose to Christianity and its universal order.

    Then again, its only a hop and a step from a form of Libertarianism to fundamentalism, anyway, at least in the USA.