24 July 2009

All of my words are secondhand, and useless in the face of this

An absolute torrent of posts on this blog came to an end earlier this week. Basically, what happened was that I was going through a particular set of spiritual exercises, and my verbal circuits were going nuts trying to keep up with the flood of sudden insight. And then I realised that that was probably getting in the way. As the author of "Punk Rock Vedanta" put it - anything that adds words to your world is making things worse. So, perhaps a short break from writing, to leave more time for doing. Feel free to ask me questions if you get bored with waiting for updates.


  1. Wow. Marxism, mysticism, and a Sisters of Mercy reference? Keep this up, Doloras, and I may have to ask you to marry me.

    I agree with you and Mmothra about "adding words". Sometimes I can't help but wonder if blogging, and the internet in general, is a counter productive medium for CM. The 'net has a tendency to confine energy in the purely symbolic realm of words and mental chatter without translating it into action.

    On the other hand, without the 'net, I probably wouldn't even know there's other people (like you) who are trying to connect the same dots I am.

  2. Oh, I'll throw vaguely appropriate Sisters lyrics at you all night. "The safest way, the straight and narrow, no confusion, no surprise." Or, perhaps more simply: "I don't exist when you don't see me."

    I think, at this point, words and blogging are useful in reporting action and practical results. I think I ended up, to some extent, in the trap of endless tail-chasing metaphysical speculation, with no practical outlet, which is a waste of my time and energy to write and yours to read (except for entertainment value). I would dearly love to hear what your own experiences are that back up the CM insights, such as they are.

  3. I'm afraid I don't have any fantastic success stories, but spending some serious time quieting my internal chatter has helped me get a handle on my addictions, pull myself out of a long depressive rut, and get me a job that's a lot less horrible than most.

    To be fair, this is all personal shit. But getting that in order is a first step in applying these principles in a more social way. And after, what effects one effects all, and anything that effects me directly inevitably effects everyone around me indirectly. It seems to me that a lot of CM lies in understanding this relationship and using it set up a system of positive feedback; working on myself effects the world which in turn effects me, etc etc.

    I guess if nothing else, I'm more inspired and better equipped to embody CM's message.

  4. Thank you very much for that. I think you perhaps expressed the central core of what we're trying to do better than I ever have.