28 November 2008


Forums like this, much like the newspapers of sectarian socialist/anarchist groups, intrigue and depress me in equal amounts. Depressing mainly because what looks like a cut-and-dried case of symptoms of schizophrenia on the surface can also be seen -from another angle - to be a remarkably cogent and creative way for people who have no idea what's really happening to them to make sense of it in language they can understand. A new religion, in other words.

My main argument against all this is, of course, that the State has no need to implant radio transmitters in anyone or carry out deliberate wide-scale child abuse to make people conform, submit and obey. The culture of modern capitalism creates all the docility and low-grade sociopathy necessary, out of nothing more than - on one hand - the profit motive, and -on the other - a combination of the atomisation of the grassroots under capitalism combined with malfunctioning traditional primate social cues. Sure, the State and/or other ruling class agencies drop various additives into the meme pool occasionally, but so much of the system of brainwashing acts on automatic. Or, to put it the way the Church of the SubGenius does - "they don't need to invent televisions that watch you, because they have invented televisions that they know you will watch."

A blind social system makes us crazy and unhappy, not any evil conspiracy. Only changes in how we live our lives will shut the maddening voices up once and for all.


  1. Let's not forget the web site http://www.mindcontrolforum.net

  2. Well, that's a different kettle of fish altogether. CM is always interested in anything that gets practical results.

    Ever thought of going over the other Mind Control Forums and telling them that you are the Illuminati/NWO/Lizard People and you're willing to hold a Q&A session? I'd love to watch that.