05 November 2007

More on 90s nostalgia

The founder of the Maat current and Don Webb of the Temple of Set, writing in the 90's, agree on one thing, as do many other occultists: that the collapse of European Stalinism is a huge breakthrough for "the good guys" and proves that the people doing the good magick are beginning to make a breakthrough.

Oh, how naive that all looks in retrospect. The 90s were the era of smug, false hope among the Western middle classes, convinced that since the people who determined the ideology of their own culture had triumphed in that nasty squabble for bragging rights known as the Cold War, so"bad history" was over and now nothing stood between them and millennial utopian fantasies. As I said previously, the ideology of The Matrix was the high point of this current - before it went to hell in the dot.com crash and the WTC disaster.

As the Socialist International found out in 1914, this is what you get for identifying with "your own" corporate and political bosses. This kind of extremely basic buying into someone else's reality is still to this day endemic among bad-ass magickians who think they're questioning everything. Only Marxism continuously reminds you that your boss and your media and your government never, ever have your interests at heart.