31 October 2007

A challenge or game for Hallowe'en

A prize and the Chaos Marxism Seal of Heroic Soviet Approval to anyone who can write a functional magickal working which entirely uses internet memes as its mythological or symbolic system. You know, the Lesser Chargin Ritual of tha Lazor, or something about whether you can has cheezburger or not. (NOTES: By "functional" I mean "is actually designed to do something rather than just give lulz to the practitioner". Prize will be without value.)

As many of you will have gathered by now, I am fascinated by emergent mythologies or symbolic systems. Things like 4chan memes "just growed"; other things like the Faction Paradox shared universe were started by one major creative mind and others joined in later. These are becoming increasingly important as all the pre-media symbolic systems break down. Some people look at you funny when you say that things like NaNoWriMo or Talk Like A Pirate Day are the emergent symbolic systems of, even more importantly than a community, a class and a global class at that. But anyone who's really serious about doing magick in the 21st century has to understand this. (NOTE OF CAUTION: People who hang around on the internet are not the primary interest of Chaos Marxism, but they are a pretty good "petri dish", since they embody facets of the concrete global society "speeded up".)