12 July 2007

Larry and Doloras sitting in a tree

Traditionally, though, the most useful way of understanding the meaning of "right-wing" has been to look at what people who classify themselves as right-wing have in common.... But this model of the universe has broken down, now that most left-wingers are equally tedious. So perhaps the only true indicator of a human being, in our supposedly-busy but monumentally lazy civilisation, is self-obsession. If you're entirely hung up on your own "lifestyle", whether you think you're a small-l liberal or a small-c conservative [or, indeed, a socialist, anarchist or magickian - DlaP], then you're right-wing. If you're so concerned with the vestments of that lifestyle that you lose sight of anything else, so determined to surround yourself with a fortress of The Right Kind of Stuff that you're incapable of thinking beyond your own self-image, then you're filling the same niche in society that used to be occupied by old-school bunker-mentality Tories. Because civilisation isn't about sealing yourself off from the rest of the world and your responsibility to it, and you don't get bonus marks just for being tolerant towards homosexuals or not using the word "piccaninnies".

See? It's not just me who thinks so. Lifestyles, demographics and nichemarkets are the modern enemy of consciousness.