19 February 2007

Essay contest!

1. Read what I wrote below about Scientology basically being people programming themselves to believe that bugfuck crazy things they see in their heads are real.

2. Read this article on the subject of otakukin.

3. Compare and contrast, noting that I am not the first person to make this comparison.


What does this teach us? My personal thoughts:

- People will believe any insanity if it allows them to belong to a real or imagined community. (Which ties us into the broader question of abusive relationships.)
- The mass media fill the gap in the late-capitalist cultural psyche which would have been filled by oral folktales and organised religion in previous historical eras.


  1. I just found this blog. I do not have time now, but I am interested in the questions you raise. I will try to submit an essay soon...salutations.

  2. I must say though, from the mindset of Chaos Magick, in a universe which expands infinitely, aren't all realities plausible and existent, even though they are not practical?

  3. From the mindset of Chaos Marxism, which is interested in changing the messy physical consensus-reality world here-and-now, the above comment is probably true but also probably unimportant.