24 January 2007

UCP: A basic banishing process

The "Universal Conscious Process" was invented by a former Scientologist attempting to turn what he found of value on that deplorable mind-control cult into a useful, free self analysis / meditation tool. I have used it myself on and off for approximately five years and have found it extremely effective in breaking down mental inhibitions in certain areas.

The process as originally conceived is described in full (and slightly batshit) detail by its founder here. A stripped down version for those with no tolerance for residual LRonisms:

0) Visualise, in as full detail as possible, your current situation.
1) Visualise, in as full detail as possible, a different possible (or impossible) situation.
2) Compare 1) to 0).
3) Visualise, in as full detail as possible, a situation from your memory.
4) Compare 3) to 0).
5) Repeat from step 1, until you perceive "your current situation" as something different than when you started.
6) If at any stage the process begins to bring up unpleasant associations, visualise, in as full detail as possible, when you felt like that before. Compare that to your starting point. Then start again from 1).

I would be intrigued by what kind of results anyone else out there gets with this.


My schedule of "psychic exercise" for the next little while: alternate use of this ritual with a stripped down version of the Holy Guardian Angel ritual from Crowley's Liber Samekh. In other words: rooting through the garbage at the base of my existing personality, alternating with trying to short-circuit that personality altogether. I won't give details on the latter as yet until I can give some results.

As with all exercises, you get the most benefit if you do it regularly. Taking a tip from this highly successful behaviour-modification ritual society, I've created a token system to reward myself for regular effort.