25 October 2006

Taking CM public

I think I have gotten to the point with these ramblings that they would benefit from being exposed to public ridicule. But the question is (as with so much of what I can do) where is the audience that would at least hear me out before throwing me out?

The socialist blogosphere is full of vulgar-materialist philistines and wannabe academics who sneer condescendingly if you start talking in metaphorical language and think their clique politics is somehow important. The magickal blogosphere, on the other hand, is full of pampered lumpen-intelligensia who, on one hand, talk about changing the world and then discuss their badass ritual for getting John Kerry elected and why using the term "Zionist" is antisemitic I shit you not. Both sides have their clique dogma going on - the best I can say is that the socialists make me want to *headdesk* slightly less. There is of course a third option - academia - if I decided I never wanted to actually do anything again. On the other hand, it's the best-paid option.

As it stands, I think there are about three people in the world who really get what I'm trying to do with this. Perhaps they have ideas on how I could begin getting intelligent feedback. As it stands, I might have to bite down hard on my impatience, and actually start creating facts on the ground, as my mentor - a veteran socialist and instinctive magician - puts it. When this stuff is working then it will be impossible to ignore.